Gaming and Esports

The New Billion Dollar Industry

Gaming & Esports

Esports is always gaming but gaming isn’t always Esports

Esports is a booming, organised video-gaming industry focused on multiplayer tournaments featuring the latest titles, attracting casual, amateur, semi-pro and pro gamers and a large number of fans. It’s a professional competition where passionate gamers pit their skills against the best in computer and videos games. With millions of Esports athletes & fans generating billions of dollars in revenue, it is today one of the fastest growing industry verticals globally.

TES MENA is bringing the world of gaming and Esports to Bahrain through its gaming platform – D11 Gaming, partnered with Batelco. On offer are 200+ games, both casual and Esports, zero latency, edge node technology, live streaming in high definition, combined with a chance to compete with the best in the region, get cash prizes and host tournaments / challenges with friends and family.

TES MENA is set to provide end-to-end turnkey gaming solutions which are focused on creating and engaging the gaming community. We are committed to give brands an environment to connect with the young gamers and also create engaging / riveting / exciting content for the gaming enthusiasts.

  • An active & engaged Esports audience that surpasses HBO, Netflix, Hulu audience combined

  • US$ 3Bn in shared revenues in the gaming industry in the Middle East alone

  • 50% Males and 33% Females between 18-34 spend 8-10 hours gaming online every week!

  • MENA region Esports industry has been growing at a stunning 22.5% year-on-year.

$200 Billion

Industry Globally

100 Million+

Middle East Gamers

$4.5 Billion

Industry in MENA

22.5% CAGR

over 2019-2025


With a clear vision of building communities and immersive experiences for gamers, we are committed to making the Kingdom of Bahrain, a gaming hub for the MENA region!

D11 Gaming offers a powerful gaming platform that gives you access to over 200 world-class, high-intensity games – both casual and Esports. If you are a gamer who has the skills & passion to succeed, here is your chance to transform into an Esports Athlete and have a successful career with fame, fortune and fandom!

At TES MENA, we believe the gaming industry is the next revolution in sports entertainment.

Our platform

D11 Gaming is a gaming hub where gamers of all skill levels can gather, play, watch and earn. Get rewarded for gaming, participate in challenges and compete in tournaments.

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