Bringing the world of Gaming & Esports experiences to the MENA region

TES MENA brings for the first time a powerful, immersive gaming experience that gives you access to over 200 world-class, high-intensity games – for both casual and Esports gamers. An unprecedented platform that is going to be the ‘hub’ for all gamers.

Stream, compete, earn rewards and engage with your own gaming community. We are bringing the future of gaming right to your own screen. It is a community for the gamers, of the gamers, by the gamers.

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Our Platform

Hub for all gamers

An unprecedented gaming platform! An immersive gaming experience!

D11 Gaming offers a powerful gaming platform that gives the gamers of all skill levels easy access to over 200 world-class, high-intensity games – both casual and Esports. With high-end gaming infrastructure, D11 is a platform that will level up your gaming journey.

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